Monday, August 13, 2012

Fall Payment Information

You can now make your payment at mySnead.  If you have an account balance due, please make your payment as soon as possible.  You can view a short video on making payments and review payment instructions at
Wednesday, August 15, 2012, OR YOUR CLASSES WILL BE DROPPED.
Login to mySnead to check your account balance and make payment.

You can view your account information by logging on mySnead,
·         Click on the Student tab
·         Account Information
·         Account Detail for Term and select the Fall 2012 term to view your current charges, payments, and anticipated financial aid. 
·         Your anticipated financial aid is listed under the “Authorized Financial Aid” heading toward the bottom of the page.  If the “Account Balance net of Authorized Financial Aid” field is zero or a negative number you are not required to make a payment.
·         If the “Account Balance net of Authorized Financial Aid” is a positive number you need to submit a payment.

·         If you do not see the financial aid you are expecting, please check your financial aid requirements:
o   Click on the Financial Aid tab
o   Financial Aid Status
o   2012-2013 Aid Year
o   Click on the blue hyperlink “unsatisfied requirements” and that will take you to a list of your requirements needed to finalize your financial aid. 

·         If “Terms and Conditions and Authorization of Charges” is listed with the “unsatisfied requirements” instructions are listed to the right side to locate the requirements.
o   Click on the FINANCIAL AID tab
o   Select the AWARD box
o   Select the bulleted AWARD FOR AID YEAR
o   Select 2012-2013
o   Select the RESOURCES AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab to satisfy the Authorization of Charges (choose yes or no)
o   Choose the TERMS AND CONDITIONS tab to satisfy the Terms and Conditions requirements (accept)
PAYMENT PLAN INFORMATION: Payment plans are available through Nelnet Business Solutions. Students must pay 50% down. The remaining balance will be split between two payments to be made in September and October. There is also a $40 enrollment fee. For more information, please visit Payment plans are only available through Thursday, Aug. 23.