Saturday, September 8, 2012

Snead State Community College’s own musical ensemble are busily preparing for their concert season.

Under the direction of Sara Markham, the College Street Singers have started rehearsing with both the returning singers and the new members of the group.

Comprising the 2012 College Street Singers are:

  • Albertville – Ashley College, Katelyn Miller, Sally Kauffmann, Hannah Droze, Justin Bentley, Josh Waldrop and Brock Bearden (sound technician).
  • Arab – Deanna Kampmeyer.
  • Asbury – Blaike Patterson.
  • Boaz - Eric Claburn and Kahilil Oliver.
  • Cleveland – Leah Wiginton.
  • Florence – Daniel Dean.
  • Grant – Jessica Birdsong.
  • Guntersville – Blake Brock.
  • Oneonta – Bethany Hollis.
The College Street Singers are currently scheduling performance dates for the 2012-2013 season. To book the Singers, please contact the Snead State Fine Arts Department at (256) 840-4188.

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